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        2010 market prospect analysis of veterinary drugs

        Veterinary drug industry called the “sunrise industry forever” is currently one of the ten fastest-growing industry of profits, according to the jail Web site in reports, by the end of June 2009, through acceptance of GMP of veterinary drug manufacturers has reached more than more than 1550, have passed the veterinary drug GMP certification, products related to 29 forms, nearly 2000 species. Working around 120,000 people. Veterinary drug industry with annual sales of more than 20 billion yuan, of which, valued over 100 million Yuan for enterprises with more than 45. Huge of market potential and profit space makes domestic veterinary drugs circulation of competition great intensified of potential, directly led to has production enterprise many, capacity excess, excellent enterprise too less; products with mass of, and development capacity insufficient, real of development too less, more is concept hype; technicians flood, service level inferior; marketing with mass of, and innovation capacity low; market not specification, competition disorder of; in specification transition period, administrative policy introduced frequently; marketing company quickly development, local area is runaway situation; personnel flow frequently , Pursuing the best interests; products at inflated prices, promotional rebates to prevail, and so on. ”
        In order to grasp the future development trends of veterinary drug industry, in respect of recent features and changes that may occur to the following veterinary drug market forecast and analysis.

        Speed of polarization, and industry.
        Due to the Department of agriculture on the regulation of veterinary drug labels and instructions, making virtual product differentiation at the labels and instructions is restricted, homogenization of products exposed. Due to rising prices of raw materials, such as labor, land and logistics costs, veterinary drug prices rise in different degrees, so a price war is inevitable, but accelerating price war polarization, rapid growth in the sales of enterprise products on the one hand, on the other hand two or three line companies and restrict by product sales, even difficult to do business. Which leads to enrichment effects highlight, so-called enrichment effect is some of the best resources to enterprises concentration, this will lead to some excellent businesses getting better, poor and disadvantaged businesses will become more and more polarization. Expected within the next 5 years there will be some real group, estimated at 10-20, will also be integral to corporate mergers, restructuring or exit the veterinary drug industry, is expected to account for the total number of enterprises reflected, which is about 150-300 or so.
        Then a polarization can lead to, high quality and high prices, profits, market more and more wide, low low prices and slim profits, market shrink gradually, thus price wars will only eliminate backward products or businesses, excellent enterprises pay more attention to branding and investment in research and development. The industry as a whole is also the specification and progress gradually through the laws of the market.

        Speaking from experience, 2010, poultry and aquaculture will be spent in the balance of other varieties, veterinary drug enterprises can feel at ease to focus, focus on research and development, focusing on core competitiveness of the market building, take the road of sustainable development. Crowded trades, polarizing enterprises, competition is still fierce, but judging from the current situation to be normal operation, has tight control terminal of veterinary drug enterprises is conducive to the development of timing …
        Second, the “King” end of the age.
        Force, spread across the enterprise product homogenization at the height of the channel force the manufacturers competing over chips, product strength, homogeneity between companies at the height of the propagation force, channel force the manufacturers competing over the chips, China’s veterinary drug industry is still in a “channel for the King”, communication terminals are still of veterinary drug enterprises competition plays. Over years, China’s veterinary drug industry achieved the Terminal sink, Avian Medicine enterprise sales is doing really end, animal drug enterprises will end sinks couldn’t have sunk to the point where aquatic medicine enterprises also do end sinks, pet medicine can only be yiganzidaodi, in-store sales.

        Rising competitive scramble for the Terminal, is battling Terminal Avian Medicine and aquatic product sales, technical staff as a means of effective, weapons became the most practical challenge, especially in poultry sales, to the technicians who have the best quality, highest quality, who will be able to command the world stage.
        Only a handful of companies to declare force new veterinary drugs, product homogenization is still very serious. “The main channel” era, 2010 will continue.
        Third, professional marketing firms have sprung up everywhere, but a mixed bag.
        2009, industry within appeared many to company of operation of distribution enterprise, they in active and prosperity veterinary drugs circulation market of while also exists some negative effects, due to some enterprise motivation varies, Fluke and speculation psychological serious, its not specification operation, even individual distribution Enterprise selling fake, will constantly education fooled of dealer and consumers, plus national governance reorganization efforts of increased, dealer enterprise camp soon will differentiation, part specification excellent of distribution enterprise will gradually grow, Most businesses made through ebb and disappeared.

        First and second echelon of veterinary drug enterprises are still the industry mainstream, the end-seller composition changed, understand technology, good management team of distributors to expand, its called knowledge-oriented, innovative, brand enterprise of science and technology.
        Since the beginning of 2006, the dealer team began to change, some retired veterinary drug enterprise or university professionals to join our reseller team directly, and has demonstrated its competitive strength. Veterinary drug enterprises should adapt to this change and adjust marketing strategies. Younger, better educated team of distributors, mind, idea, new, enterprise has powerful dealers to deal with good visibility, strong desire, and gradually become the mainstream distributors, particularly sophisticated networks of enterprises by a deliberate decision.
        Veterinary drugs market name Shang enterprise operation of distribution enterprise and production enterprise of fraud and escape responsibility behavior, Terminal dealer call “integrity, and security, and focused on technology” of brand enterprise, on brand strength enterprise will is great of development opportunities, products with mass of, price war of circles urged makes veterinary drugs enterprise in development Shang punches, created self intellectual property, 2009 enterprise development new veterinary drugs of trend and behavior will increased.

        At present, the veterinary drug distribution is chaotic, as competition intensifies, other forces constantly influence aquaculture forms forms of changing veterinary drugs will have to like human medicine for different degrees of integration. System, big chains, big circulation, cooperation will be the development of veterinary drug market. Although at present the concept of farmers is not enough at this stage, does not have the chain development need to factor, integration will not rise for a short time, but will in the future this trend evolved, veterinary drug dealers must take precautions and veterinary drug enterprises, strengthen their capabilities in advance in order to occupy powerful positions in the game industry in the future.
        Four modes, marketing will be a breakthrough
        After 2009, user-centric “marketing model” began on the veterinary drug operation stage. Companies, depending on the user’s needs to provide better products, technologies, services, information, and in order to understand our users ‘ needs, they must carry out large-scale scientific market survey and making changes around the findings. Especially enterprise, a marketing mode of change, must and enterprise personnel quality of improve and change, and strategy target and thought of improve and change, and enterprise culture connotation of improve and change, and development production function of improve and change, and financial operation capacity of improve and change, and information systems of improve and change, and human resources capacity of improve and change, and marketing theory and practice capacity of improve and change etc inseparable.We know the overall quality of veterinary practitioners is not high, and extreme lack advanced veterinary drug industry is “marketing” professional, so enterprises will experience such changes is very much in the throes of, the vast majority of companies will due to the strength of the reasons reforms could not be carried out, eventually being knocked out.
        So as the industry the increase in risk that small farmers will gradually withdraw from this breeding group of user organizations and associations, with rising doses, some veterinary drug manufacturers have already started to adjust its marketing strategy, the market has advanced and focused, as more farms, veterinary drug manufacturers will be direct sales are increasing, but also will bring in more sales model to change management. With large-scale aquaculture farms (households) increased them gradually from the previous price-sensitive to the quality of products and technical services, corporate brand-sensitive transfers, greater focus on service and value other than the value.
        At present, the industry’s main marketing tool is in “business + technology” model, which led to some marketing expenses high, pressure, over the next five years in the “business + technology” mode is still the mainstream, but the ratio of salesmen and technicians may have subtle variations, which may overlap the scope of business, its boundaries are increasingly blurred. In addition, sexual marketing model appears most likely marketing model is to focus on two aspects of marketing alliances in depth marketing. Because the culture is moving to scale aquaculture and community transformation, enterprise marketing channel will also change, from a traditional focus on dealers and attention to scale.

        Five, Government forces will drive industry growth
        First of all, facing livestock development, public health and food safety the objective needs, veterinary drug industry faced with rapid growth opportunities. From a world point of view, China’s market has great potential, great changes in people’s food consumption structure, meat, milk and eggs have risen sharply, and animal husbandry to grow 12%~15% every year. Higher than the 10% level in developed countries. China’s veterinary drug industry within the next 10 years will be in the phase of rapid development, is a promising industry.
        Secondly, Governments and will also gradually expand the scope of mandatory immunization. Due to large-scale farming, high stocking density and high proportion of free-range farming conditions are relatively poor, so the chances of disease infection, the mutation more likely that disease prevention more difficult. Thus, for some major diseases of compulsory vaccination is necessary, for the healthy development of farming and food safety, the State may also broaden the scope of compulsory vaccination.
        Again, the scale will be gradually increased to drive market growth.
        Judging from the trends of current aquaculture policies over the next 10 years, scale ratio will be increased gradually. Current size of chicken farming accounted for 60%, scale of pig farming accounted for 50%, with the increase in costs, after the baptism of the market and the Government’s support for scale, scale ratio is expected to enter into a more-rapid growth phase.

        Six, medication will be a revolutionary change in the way
        With people material level of constantly improve, consumers on itself of health increasingly attention, early in ten years Qian Beijing of supermarket on has launched green counters, now is in country of poultry class counters launched has more of green poultry products, drug residues of poultry class products was refused to entered market, drug content exceeded of phenomenon will get must curb, study its most main of causes, is China on animal security of attention degree gradually improve. Consumers have on food consumption demands in terms of quantity and structure leading to transition leading in quality and safety. Accordingly, China’s aquaculture policy from quantity and structure to the pursuit of efficiency and security changes.
        Veterinary drug industry is a matter of animal and poultry product safety, Government, social and consumer concerns about security and pay attention to is the fundamental driving force of promoting rapid growth, under the influence of this large, effective, treatment widespread, toxic side effects and health effects of veterinary medicine have been welcomed by customers and poultry consumers. Market prospect of traditional Chinese medicine, especially anti-virus drugs, market prospect favors!

        Seven, the dealer’s service structure will become more diverse
        Due to the effects of the economic crisis and the domestic situation, coupled with a small farmers market forecasts and lower resilience, many breeding from smaller farmers have been hit, plus various outbreaks a few years ago that most small farmers quit farming industry, but medium and large production units gradually expanded or merged, increasing the resilience of individual also appear phenomena which affect the regional prices. Overall aquaculture in increasing amounts, not the small dealers pessimistic prediction – has been farmed by attenuation.
        Due to the reduction of small farmers, monocultures of veterinary drug dealer sales declining, does not have an easy time. Slightly older farmers hold out the olive branch to enterprises directly, and seek the cooperation of BTWOB, reduce intermediate links, and reduce operating costs. But small and medium sized farms still account for a large share of the market, small and medium farms, however most do not have the disease diagnostic laboratory, veterinary medicine distribution, disease related products and one-stop service, faced with the changes in the market many dealers unprepared.
        Face future market is more fragmented market, as a farming enterprise, impossible to be exhaustive, many dealers to take action if the dealer did diagnosis laboratories, veterinary medicine distribution, disease outbreaks, as well as related products, one-stop service, then its core competencies will be significantly strengthened. Future of veterinary drug dealers are not simply sold the drug users, but rather to provide users with additional services, including product quality, technical services, is no longer a simple price-sensitive. Original transfer from aquaculture network.


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