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        International orientation of antibiotic products are no longer “more for less”

        Antibiotics most of raw material prices this year stock, but this round of price hike not as blind as ever, but under certain circumstances, conditions for the adjustment of prices and supplies.
        Affected by the slowdown in the world economy, the effects of appreciation of RMB and other unfavorable factors, in 2010 the international market environment is not optimistic. Since its chemical raw materials export growth in 2009, after efforts to improve varieties of raw materials export values, speed up structural upgrade, raw materials exports stagnated last year phenomenon has been enhanced. It is against such a background, antibiotic bulk drugs in 2010 there have been big changes–the positioning in the international market has ceased to be used “more for less”.
        In 2009, the antibiotic prices dropping, some enterprises in the shrinking value of cases taken a price increase of means. Since 2010, the mostly rising prices of raw materials shortage of antibiotics, including some veterinary antibiotics and some product’s stock has not improved even. Overall, this round of price performance for long duration, prices fell after the small space.

        Antibiotics raw materials priced this year, while market demand does not fall, it can be seen that dependence on the international market for China’s active pharmaceutical ingredients and higher. In fact, prices not as blind as ever this year, but under certain circumstances, conditions for the adjustment of prices and supplies, 2008 annual increase is too high, prices are falling faster in the late does not happen again.
        Penicillin: a long stabilisation period
        Industrial salt prices 75/BOU of penicillin, amoxicillin at 235 dollars/kg
        First three quarters of 2010, Penicillins pharmaceutical ingredients market after many setbacks, price began in July remained at relatively stable levels over the years and maintain a longer period.
        In 2008, the industrial salt of penicillin market price/BOU up to 130 Yuan from 60 Yuan/BOU,/BOU,2009 and/BOU fell to 55 from 130 Yuan Yuan last year price only at 55~70/BOU,2010 years/BOU up from 55 at the beginning of Yuan to the present 72/BOU. 2010 due to increased prices of maize, starch, as well as environmental pressures, the price in the cost line most of the enterprises resort to layoffs, cuts, prices have rebounded slightly. In fact, penicillin market demand of industrial salt itself is decreasing, production company’s centre of gravity has been shifting to products and raw materials, more room for growth in APA, amoxicillin and ampicillin.

        Amoxicillin and 6-APA the whole of this year demand is stable, and exports have been showing a growing trend. Amoxicillin prices out from the depressed market in the first half, Harbin city, in May, after the API are increasing the price of 6-APA and amoxicillin,/kg gradually increased from 190 Yuan to 220 Yuan maintained since/kg,7 month of June the price again in September prices, price reached 235/kg. Compared with the past, which rose little.
        With the coming of fall and winter seasons, Penicillins increases demand for raw materials is forecast for the future industrial salt of penicillin and amoxicillin prices are likely to rise.
        Cephalosporin: shortage of intermediate effect decreases
        7-ACA prices 750~800 dollars/kg, product and raw materials price is relatively stable.

        Cephalosporin products market in overall demand this year steady, prices slightly lower in the first half. On the export side, ceftriaxone sodium, Cefazolin sodium, Cephalexin, cephradine, and cefotaxime, etc have been growth in the first half. Since the second half of its intermediate 7-ACA supply and demand effects on cephalosporins and raw materials prices. Due to 7-ACA chemical process is gradually withdrawing from the market, previously dominated by chemical process stone medicine, fukang and other production companies this year have all been using the enzymatic method. In the replacement process, supply shortages, and in part on application of cephalosporin products did not match exactly, so that some varieties of quality will be affected.
        7-ACA production stable, its market supply increases and cost reduction with enzyme and, therefore, price competition will be an inevitable trend. Quarter IV, 7-ACA prices are likely to remain unchanged at 750 dollars/kg about products and raw materials prices relatively stable.

        In addition, cefalexin and cefradine under the influence of 7-ADCA low prices in the first half, price has been low, the market is not big improvement, improved slightly in the second half. Currently, Cephalexin prices at around 380 dollars/kg; price 420/kg cephradine; cefaclor cefixime and also the impact of upstream product prices, prices change slightly.
        Macrocyclic Lactone co high
        Erythromycin thiocyanate/kg prices 450~480 Yuan, are antibiotics raw materials price increases was the highest in
        This year, the macrolide class maintain last year’s soaring prices of raw materials and antibiotics raw materials price increases was the highest in. After the recent price increases, longer cycle time, product prices, expected little change in prices in the fourth quarter, still remain high.

        Current erythromycin thiocyanate manufacturing enterprises limited supply, export price at $ 75/BOU, domestic prices were as high as 480 dollars/kg. Mainly because of domestic competition did not change much, highlights of corporate competitiveness, and fewer competitors in the international market, are highly dependent.
        With macrocyclic Lactone agents and raw materials consumption and demand for raw material exports growth, at present, azithromycin, clarithromycin and Roxithromycin in raw material markets and raw materials, such as the increasing demand, the erythromycin thiocyanate supply tensions. Azithromycin prices stable at around 1280 dollars/kg, clarithromycin at around 1600 dollars/kg prices. Quarter price change, depends mainly on the availability of erythromycin thiocyanate may be.
        Quinolone classes: strong demand supply
        Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride prices 200 dollars/kg other fluoroquinolone products have relatively stable prices.

        Quinolone drug substance throughout the antibiotic products share is small, its scale products include ciprofloxacin hydrochloride, ofloxacin ofloxacin, left and enrofloxacin. In this year’s major product, ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin hydrochloride prices generally higher.
        Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride is still in high demand at home and abroad this year, supply has remained tense and, at the beginning of the price at around 170 dollars/kg, beginning in April, offers up to 200 dollars/kg or more. Zhejiang guobang was mainly due to ciprofloxacin pharmaceutical companies control more than one intermediate, making other companies not producing at full capacity. Other quinolones product prices relatively stable, at present, the prices remained at about 200 dollars/kg enrofloxacin; left-ofloxacin hydrochloride prices changed little, still at around 260 dollars/kg.
        Veterinary antibiotics: demand continues for a long time
        Oxytetracycline 75 dollars/kg prices, doxycycline price rose.

        Another highlight of the year category are veterinary antibiotics raw materials. Since last year, most products remain high, and the supply of long duration, such as chlortetracycline, oxytetracycline, neomycin, supply is still not stable so far, its price is soaring.
        Oxytetracycline, raw materials from entering since September, prices have started to rise, manufacturers supply difficulties, prices currently around 75 dollars/kg. Subsequently, downstream of doxycycline are also affected, quotes from previous around 310 dollars/kg risen to 330 dollars/kg, due mainly to huashu pharmaceutical and North China pharmaceutical production. In addition, chlortetracycline premix is also good prices, domestic production is relatively concentrated, prices, and supplies have been tight. (Ba Yanfeng health network)


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