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        Safety culture

        Safety is the greatest happiness

        A safety management
        1, the safety points: staff training is the foundation, the control process is the key, according to regulatory action is crucial, safety is guaranteed.
        Safety training is the basis for us to do security work, safety training can improve our sense of safety, so that we keep in mind safety procedures. We want to conduct training exercises, the employees of the emergency mode of formation of memory in order to prevent accidents, to be able to do when an accident does not panic, rapid response according to a predetermined plan.
        2, safe production of strategic thinking: rely on employees, job-oriented, focusing on the team, on-site implementation.
        3, production safety slogan: Safety is a big thing, security is the greatest benefit, safety is the largest employee benefits, life safety is the political cadres.
        4, production safety strategic goals: reinforce safety production base, focusing on team building.
        Team leader is safe production of the first line of defense, plays an important role in all aspects of production safety. Shop security staff to do a specific job site implementation, found hidden in a timely manner.
        5, survival and development of law: Security is hard protection, environmental protection is a hard constraint, the quality is hard targets, the cost basis is hard.
        6. Safety phrases:
        ⑴ security is the greatest happiness.
        ⑵ is my home, safe by everyone.
        Everyone ⑶ tube safety, security for all.
        ⑷ love caring for the elderly loved ones, ignoring the security equal to zero.
        We want faith “safety first, prevention first” security concept, is holding a strong sense of responsibility, in strict accordance with safety standard requirements for security management.
        To seize the tireless work safety, safety is no end, only a starting point.

        Second, safety education
        To conscientiously implement the “safety first, prevention, comprehensive management, to ensure safety,” and constantly improve their safety awareness and skills to ensure safe production company, according to the “first education after induction” principle, the implementation of safety education .
        Safety education and training center by the security organization, human resources and corporate culture centers cooperate. Safety and environmental centers established accounting and training materials, examination results are archived for future reference safety education and training.
        Safety education is divided into: Employee safety education; new employees, “three” safety education; internal trades transform (transfer Kong) safety education; special operations personnel safety education; four new (new products, new processes, new technology, new equipment ) safety education and regular education and safety requirements of the competent authorities to participate in training and education.
        (A) Employee safety education
        1, employee safety education is conducted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, led by the company safety education. The main content of the education and training include:
        ⑴ national production safety guidelines, policies and relevant safety laws, regulations, rules and standards.
        ⑵ basics of safety management, safe production technology, production safety expertise.
        ⑶ major hazard management, major accident prevention, emergency management and rescue organizations and the relevant provisions of the accident investigation process.
        ⑷ occupational hazards and preventive measures.
        ⑸ advanced safety production management experience.
        ⑹ typical accident and emergency rescue case studies.
        ⑺ other required training content.
        2. Other safety education center organized by safety and environmental protection, human resources and corporate culture center conducted with the main content of education and training include:
        ⑴ relevant national production safety and labor protection policies, rules and regulations.
        ⑵ company of the safety management system.
        Safety technology and job security responsibilities within ⑶ department or business area.
        ⑷ illegal command, the dangers of illegal operations.
        ⑸ occupational health education and training.
        (B) new employees, “three” safety education
        Newly Division staff (including contract workers, interns and graduate school training interns, etc.), to go through the company, department (workshop), team “three” safety education and “three” Safety Education Examination (examination) results qualified who, before entering the post.
        1, a (company) Safety Education
        A safety education by the human resources and organizational culture center, security sector cooperation, education and training should include:
        ⑴ relevant national production safety, labor protection policies, rules and regulations; safe production purposes and significance.
        ⑵ basic knowledge of our products; overview of the enterprise; industry characteristics and processes.
        ⑶ company on production safety, labor protection regulations.
        ⑷ knowledge of fire and fire-fighting equipment to use.
        ⑸ industry typical accident cases.
        2, two (departments, workshops, schools) safety education
        Two safety education organization by the department responsible for the contents include:
        ⑴ production characteristics of this sector, a brief process and the major risk factors.
        ⑵ this sector of the safety management system and labor discipline.
        Performance and safety procedures ⑶ major equipment.
        ⑷ typical lessons from the accident and preventive measures.
        3, three (team) safety education
        Education by their team-level security team is responsible for its contents include:
        ⑴ The post production features; process; production tasks and personal responsibility.
        ⑵ major equipment, tools, equipment performance, operational characteristics and safety technology this post.
        ⑶ proper use and maintenance methods of personal protective equipment.
        ⑷ this post accident analysis and lessons have occurred.
        New employees after “three” safety education, skilled staff should be designated to lead the technical and operational skills education.
        (C) the company’s internal trades transform (transfer Kong) safety education
        Company insiders because of their work jobs transformation (transfer Kong), should be re-two, three safety education.
        Security (four) special operations personnel education
        1, engaged in special operations skills and trades (such as: Boilermakers, electricians, electric welding (cut) work, pressure vessel operator, rigger, motor vehicle drivers, etc.) must be professional and technical training, certification examination by the relevant departments and implementation of national laws and regulations. Posts is not allowed to operate without a license, according to the relevant departments to review the implementation of its provisions.
        2, the company focused on technical work (eg: Instrumentation engineering, electrical, pneumatic engineering, repair work and other dangerous operations), the Organization for Security Training unified by the company, before induction operation after passing the examination.
        Four new (new products, new processes, new technology, new equipment) before use or production, from human resources and organizational culture center, security, technology and equipment department of safety technical operation, technical and operating personnel safety education training, after passing the examination before induction operation.
        (Five) regular safety education
        Regular safety education organization by the unit, once a week, the main contents include:
        A study paper on the safety aspects of production, labor protection guidelines and policies.
        2, learning safety management system and safety procedures, and check the implementation of the situation.
        3, inspection, research dangerous and harmful factors exist in this sector.
        4, analyze causes of the accident prevention measures.
        5, launched to encourage employees to provide reasonable suggestions, discuss and resolve security flaws.
        (F) the competent authorities required to attend safety training
        The competent authorities required to attend safety training, human resources and corporate culture by external contact center docking, the company responsible for the relevant personnel to participate in the organization.
        Based safety training, first to strengthen and improve safety management knowledge management, employee safety skills and knowledge. Company conscientiously implement the three safety education and training of new employees to ensure that qualified job training; security center managers at all levels to organize a week of training, training content, including company safety management systems, safety laws and regulations, safety procedures, safety management knowledge, knowledge of safety management of hazardous chemicals, safety standards and safety norms related to job security management and anti-illegal, accident cases, limited space management, team safety management, incident management plan, risk identification and control of such knowledge; regularly organize security managers exam, efforts to improve the security level of business managers at all levels; quarterly exam once full security organizations; the training courseware and books distributed to various security workshop, department, supervise and inspect the implementation of the training workshop level, while on-site verification, to strengthen training effect, aimed at raising awareness of full security, strengthening production safety foundation, started from the grassroots team, and “put an end to illegal, away from the accident,” the goal.


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